Algebraic Query Language (AQL)

A New Way to Relate to your Data
Less Code:
Search results are automatically typed and all types are stored for latter use.
Fast and Light Interpreter:

It’s fast. It’s like a database calculator. With the AQL interpreter, you get instant feedback on your code.

Extensible and Flexible:
Quickly and easily add new features to AQL.
Seamlessly integrates search and computation. AQL has all the power of algebra because its syntax is algebraic.
Freely Explore Data:
Automatically tracks details about the data that make code less readable. Eliminates brittle and awkward code.
Lower Costs:

Shorter learning curve and less lines of code means lower training, labor, and maintenance costs. If you are familiar with High School Algebra, you already know AQL syntax.

Developed At JPL

AQL was developed and used by scientists at the NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory for the GEO project.